Casa Mar Santa Cecilia #1 [San Juan, Puerto Rico]

Casa Mar Santa Cecilia #1 [San Juan, Puerto Rico]

Casa Mar Santa CeciliaCasa Mar Santa Cecilia

Designer Coleman Davis Pagán Architects
Completion Date: 2011
TOS[er]: Rolando J. Cintrón
Posted: May 2013


  • Principal: Coleman Davis Pagán Architects (since 1982)
  • March 1975: School of Architecture, Tulane University
  • 4th year abroad:  Architectural Association, London (1973-1974)

Design Objectives:

  • Develop a fresh and new concept for a single family residence.
  • Affect the traditional relationship of this neighborhood with the ocean.
  • Celebrate ocean views.
  • Rethink the typical space/location relationship.
  • Shared spaces first level / private spaces two levels up.
  • Public vs. Private = Site vs. Program

Recognitions & Publications:

  • AIA Honor Award PR 2011 (Posted by: Arch Daily, Plataforma, Architizer and Design Boom).

Designer’s Approach:

  • Accommodate particular needs of the client’s family.
  • Dynamics with the client, this is part of the work.
  • High level of detail and postures.
  • High economic capacity.
  • Customer amateur sea.
  • Privileged site.
  • Raise awareness.
  • Requires excellence.

Construction Trivia:

  • Consultation with the client with 3D images.
  • 20 subcontractors.
  • 3 cabinet makers.
  • 2 window and door companies.

TOS[er] Reaction: Casa Mar summarizes Coleman’s development as an architect. The architect, the owner and the contractor, are all committed to the realization of an exceptional level of detail including a wall of architectural sculpture. The materials used by the architect reflect a new landscape architecture in relation to its environment. The use of blinds, like sliding glass doors, allows degrees of privacy. With a backbone that connects these public and private spaces linking the house with its surroundings, the sea. Casa Mar was viable due to the fact that the client was not hard hit by the present contracted economy. The project proved that a construction process that is guided by 3D technology is key to customer communication. Ultimately, the result was a project that has received in locally and worldwide. The sustained quality of the firm’s work Architect has raised the awareness with the people and now, the public demands excellence from him always.