IDP Core Experience: Work setting A

IDP Core Experience: Work setting A

IDP Core Experience: Work setting AIDP Core Experience: Work setting A

BED Graduate: Beatriz Hernández, SCF Arquitectos


  • UPRRP Student
  • IDP Elective
  • 3 Internships:
    • Mignucci
    • Sierra Cardona Ferrer
    • SHPO Internship

Beatriz’s Experience:

The internship I attained through the IDP elective certainly has triggered good repercussions in my career. At the end of the course, I was offered to stay as an intern in the summer and afterwards received a contract that currently keeps me working in the same office. Working in SCF Architects I daily receive priceless education and therefore constantly recommend students to participate in the elective because they will gain much knowledge and exposure to the profession from it.

Her new Goals:

One area that has become interesting since I began to work is project management; I have started the process to become certified in this methodology, which I consider essential to execute a design effectively. In the future as a female architect I desire to leave a mark on both practices using my leadership and organizational skills. I urge all my colleagues to identify how they can use their talents to expand their education in subjects that compliment architecture and thus acquire an advantage in the workplace.

TOS[er] Reaction: Beatriz’s strive for taking advantage of every opportunity and her capacity of joining both the theoretical and practical; is definitely admirable. What started as an internship, has now become her job and as if that wasn’t enough accomplishments; she now studying for her certification in project management. Once again proving her focus and dedication as an architecture student who’s not afraid of new challenges.